How to get from Penang to Phuket

Penang and Phuket are islands, located in the Andaman Sea off the coast of the Malay Peninsula. They belong to different countries: the first is Malaysia, and the second is Thailand. Many travel enthusiasts want to visit not only the mainland, but also Asian islands and visit the National Park, Chinese temples, beautiful beaches, which these islands are famous for. If you wish, you can take a trip from Penang to Phuket, which, depending on the transport chosen, will take from 1,30 hours to 17 hours, i.e. no more than a day. This article provides information about the different ways to move between the islands and the cost of tickets for transport.

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Distance between Penang and Phuket

The direct distance (by sea) between the Malay and Thai islands is 350 km or 215 miles (from the city of Georgetown to Phuket Town). Since boats need to spend a lot of time to overcome it, the sea route is more often used by cruise liners. Since Penang is located 2.5 km from the coast, and Phuket is 0.66 km, they are connected to the mainland by bridges. This circumstance allows you to move from one point to another in road transport. Roads on the mainland of Malaysia and Thailand are laid taking into account the terrain features. On the way you need to go around the Panga Bay and mountainous areas of the landscape. Winding roads increase the distance between Penang and Phuket to 631 km or 392 miles.

Distance between Penang and Phuket on the map

From Penang to Phuket by minibus

If you want to save on transport and are not afraid to spend more time on the road, go to Phuket by minibus. Comfortable minibuses every day make 2 flights to the largest island of Thailand: at 5.00 and 8.30 in the morning. Komtar New Asia Travel minibuses depart from the Komtar bus station in Georgetown (the station is located on the 1st floor of the Komtar tower) and arrive in Phuket at 14:50 or 18:20 by thai time. The duration of the direct journey is 10 hours and 50 minutes. The ticket price is $ 22 or 91.5 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit).

From Penang to Phuket with a transfer (minibus + bus)

More expensive and longer time will cost a trip from Penang to Phuket on two types of transport: minibus and bus. The join ticket will cost $ 30 or 122 MYR. On the road will take about 17 hours (with a transfer).

Minibus from Penang (Malaysia) to Phuket (Thailand)

The journey begins with a boarding in a minibus of Komtar New Asia Travel, which leaves from  Georgetown (Komtar) bus station once a day, at 12 o’clock (noon). After 4 hours the minibus will take you to the Thai city of Hat Yai. There you should go from one station to another (the distance between them is 100 m) and take a Sri Trang  company bus. The bus will set off at 19.30 local time. Between transfers you will have 4.5 hours, during which you can explore the Thai city for a bit and return to the station shortly before embarking on a  trip.

In this transport you have to spend 8 hours and 25 minutes. Sri Trang buses are equipped with comfortable seats, air conditioning, toilet. Passengers are handed out blankets, so that it is not cold at night, and a snacks in the form of a bun or cookies and a small bottle of water or juice. I recommend taking with you a warm sweater and jeans, as well as tape to seal the air conditioning vent and then sleep peacefully on the way. The bus arrives in Phuket around 4 a.m.

Sri Trang bus from Penang to Phuket

Many people choose the option with a minivan and a bus, when choosing a land mode of transport, because it is more convenient for them to stay in the cabin of a comfortable bus, than to sit in a small minivan. In addition, the bus rides in the evening and at night, and you can sleep in it, so the road seems not so long.

From Penang to Phuket by plane

The fastest mode of transport, that takes you from Penang to Phuket, is the plane. Between the islands the low-cost Malaysian airline Firefly operates regularly. The cost of tickets varies depending on the date and ranges from 65 to 92 $. Planes depart from the airport at 14.20, and the flight itself lasts 1.15 minutes. Schedules may vary, and there are not always tickets for some days. Availability of tickets, their cost and time of departure specify on this site.

Flight from Penang to Phuket – the most fast way between islands

Since the flights between Penang and Phuket are performed by other Asian airlines, you can easily choose a convenient departure time and ticket price, using the Jetradar, which searches for and compares the prices of airline tickets from different airlines and agencies.

I hope, the information in the article will help you decide on the best mode of transport and make a comfortable journey from Penang to Phuket. Have a nice trip!

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