How to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo cheap and fast

Narita International Airport is the second largest passenger traffic in Japan and the second airport of the capital. This airport is located in the city of Narita, which is part of Greater Tokyo. It is at Narita airport that the largest number of international flights arrive. At the same time, Narita Airport is quite far from the center of Tokyo, and this distance is more than 80 km (more than 50 miles) by road. Therefore, to get to the center of Tokyo from Narita Airport cheap is not easy. But there is such an opportunity and on the page below you will find information on ways to get from Narita to Tokyo for only 12.7 USD (or 1,400 JPY).

If you do not want to spend your time reading, you can simply use the search form below. Just enter your desired date and click “Find Tickets”. In the results you can see the schedule of transport and its cost, read reviews about transport companies and see the place of landing and disembarking on the map. Also there you have the opportunity to choose 1 of 10 supported languages, as well as currency – local or any of the 25 others.

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Shuttle Bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo for 12.7 USD

Today, there is only one proven way to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo cheap. This method involves the use of special buses of the transport company Keisei Shuttle Bus. The fare from the airport terminals to the center of Tokyo is only 1,400 JPY or 12.7 USD. Modern Keisei Shuttle Bus buses are on the road for about two hours (120-130 minutes), depending on the point of departure from the airport. Yes, you understood correctly: buses leave not from one particular place at the airport, but from all terminals. Yes, you understood correctly: buses leave not from one particular place at the airport, but from all terminals (the bus is, of course, one, but it picks up passengers in all terminals in turn).

Using the search form located at the top of the page, you can make sure that the buses leave from the airport in Tokyo around the clock and seven days a week. And you do not need to go from the terminal to the terminal to find the desired bus to the city. For example, from Terminal 1 buses depart every two hours: 00:00, 02:00, 04:00, and so on. Additional buses are available at 23:00. Specific landing places for buses at the airport can be seen on the map by clicking on the link with the name of your flight in the search results.

Cheap Shuttle Bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo

Please note that the search results show 2 buses. The first one takes you to Ginza Station Yurakucho (this is the very center of Tokyo, the large Ginza railway station). The second bus takes you to Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit. This is the largest railway station in Tokyo, with special platforms which depart the famous high-speed trains – Shinkansen. The bus from Narita Airport delivers just in time for access to the platforms of these high-speed Japanese trains. In reality, this is one bus that takes turns delivering passengers to two stops in Tokyo.

Almost the same schedule have a cheap buses from Terminal 3 Narita Airport to Tokyo. These buses also depart around the clock from the airport to the city every two hours: 00:03, 02:03, 04:03, 06:03, and so on. As in the case of the first terminal, there is an additional bus at 23:03. Even more convenient situation for passengers arriving at Terminal 2 of Narita Airport. This terminal has two wings – the North and the South. And from each wing a bus goes to Tokyo for the same standard price – 1,400 JPY or 12.7 USD.

Cheap Shuttle Bus from Narita Airport to Tokyo – just 12 USD

The bus timetables for the 2nd terminal of Narita Airport in Tokyo are the following: around the clock every two hours. In this case, buses from the South Wing of Terminal 2 depart for Tokyo at 00:01, 02:01, 04:01, and so on. And buses from the North Wing of Terminal 2 of Narita Airport depart one minute later (at 00:02, 02:02, 04:02, 06:02 and so on throughout the day). Additional buses to Ginza Station Yurakucho and Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit stations in Tokyo leave at 23:01 and 23:02 from the South and North Wings of Narita Airport.

Everyone knows that Japan is a very expensive country. Therefore, buses for 1,400 JPY (12.7 USD) per person is really a very low price for travel from Narita Airport to Tokyo. The low price for Japan causes the high popularity of these buses among locals and tourists. Therefore, when searching for buses for the coming days, all tickets can be fully sold out or be available only on evening buses. Those. This is the case when the transfer from the airport to the city should be taken care of in advance and book tickets online. To find out in advance which terminal your plane arrives in, you can use the board of Narita Airport in Tokyo below on the page (click on the flight number to view the terminal number).

Departures and Arrivals of Narita Airport (Tokyo)

Transfer from the airport to Tokyo (any hotel)

As you already know, it is possible to get from Narita Airport to the center of Tokyo in just over – 1,400 JPY and this is a really good price for Japan. But what to do when you want not only to get to the central area of ​​Tokyo, but to your hotel in the capital? The most popular way to get from Narita Airport in Tokyo to the doors of your hotel is to use a special transfer from Cherry Tomato. Comfortable buses of this company will quickly take you to a hotel in the city for much less money than a taxi from the airport (see below). The fare to the hotel from Narita Airport is 5236 JPY (47 USD or 42 EUR). Depending on the time of day, transfer from the airport is carried out by minibus or medium-sized bus company. The trip is combined: a trip to the bus station in Tokyo + a taxi ride to the hotel.

Cherry Tomato bus timetables from Narita Airport are: every two hours from 00:00 to 22:00. Travel time to the city is about 1.5 hours, but you need to remember that the way to your hotel will usually be a little longer due to the additional distance around the city and possible arrival to other hotels along the way. Of course, you can reach the city by bus for 1400 JPG and then use the city taxi yourself. But the cost of just landing in a taxi is about 6 USD, plus about 2.5 USD per kilometer. And at night, to these rates should be added another 30%. The subway in Tokyo is so developed that its map resembles a rather complicated microchip and it is very difficult for a foreigner to understand it. In other words, Cherry Tomato buses are really a very good option for transfer from Narita Airport to Tokyo.

Bus Cherry Tomato – transfer from from Narita Airport to Tokyo (any hotel)

Trains from Narita Airport to Tokyo – faster but more expensive

Japan is a country with a very developed rail service. It is therefore not surprising that it is possible to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo by train of several types. The railway station is located directly below the terminals, at level B1. To go down to this station, you should use several escalators or an elevator.

The first option you can use to travel from Narita Airport to Tokyo is Keisei high-speed trains. These beautiful modern trains have speeds exceeding 160 km/h and depart from all three terminals of Narita Airport. Due to its high speed, Keisei trains can deliver you to Tokyo in just 36 – 55 minutes (depending on the time of day and destination in Tokyo). The first train leaves from Terminal 1 at 07:26 a.m. (at 07:32 from Terminals 2 and 3). Trains leave for Tokyo every 20-40 minutes. Unfortunately, trains are not available at night and the last train leaves from Narita Airport at 21:49 (Terminal 1) and 21:52 (Terminals 2 and 3).

Keisei futuristic train from Narita Airport to Tokyo

Keisei futuristic train from Narita Airport to Tokyo

Keisei trains are priced at JPY 2,380 (or USD 22). Please note that Keisei trains will take you to 2 stations in northern Tokyo: Nippori Station and Keisei Ueno Station. If you want to get directly to the center of Tokyo, you will need to make a change on the JR Keihin-Tohoku Line or JR Yamanote Line and get to the city center in about 10 minutes. The cost of such an additional trip is 150 JPY or about 1.3 USD. You can buy Keisei train tickets online using the search form at the top of the page.

The second option to quickly get to Tokyo from Narita Airport is the Narita Limited Express (or N’EX) train. This fast train from the airport takes you to Tokyo Central Station in just 1 hour. The fare on this comfortable train is higher and is about 3,000 JPY (or 27 USD). Trains depart from the airport every half hour. But, like Keisei trains, Narita Limited Express trains are not available for use at night. The first train leaves at 07:44 in the morning, the last at 21:44 in the evening. There is currently no way to buy a N’EX train ticket online, but you can use the ticket offices at the airport (underground floor) for this.

Thus, traveling from Narita Airport by train to Tokyo is a faster and more comfortable mode of transport compared to buses. However, the cost of a train ride is more than 1.8-2.5 times higher. In addition, the big drawback of trains is their limited time. If you arrive in Japan late in the evening or at night, you cannot use trains (unless you wait at the airport until morning). Therefore, choosing the method that is most suitable specifically for you, consider all factors.

Taxi from Narita Airport to Tokyo

The most expensive form of transport between the capital of Japan and Narita Airport is a taxi. The minimum amount you should expect when traveling to the capital from the airport is about 25,000 JPY. Even taking into account that the car can fit up to 4 passengers, the cost of the trip for each will be about 6000 JPY (about 55 USD). This is two times more than a trip on the most expensive high-speed train. On the other hand, a taxi for each of them is only slightly more expensive than a shuttle to the hotel by bus from Cherry Tomato. And while a taxi is guaranteed to take you to any hotel in the city. If your hotel is located far from the city center, it is more profitable to use a car-transfer KiwiTaxi, because the cost of the trip will be fixed regardless of the distance from the airport to the hotel.

Thus, you received information about 4 main ways to get from Narita Airport to Tokyo – to the stations in the city center and to your hotel in the capital. Pleasant and safe trips and great vacation in Japan!


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