How to get from New Delhi to Varanasi

If you are in the capital of India and want to see Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the country and the most important center of Hinduism with thousands of temples, you will be interested in how to get from New Delhi to Varanasi. After reviewing the content of this article, you will find information about several ways to travel from one city to another, find out the time of departure and the time of arrival of transport, as well as the cost of tickets, that is, get an answer to your question.

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Distance between Delhi and Varanasi

The city of Varanasi, which is annually visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims, is located in the north-east of India. The direct distance between it and Delhi is 686 km or 426 miles. But to get from one point to another by car or train, you will need to cover a greater distance, passing over several bridges laid across the rivers. The car trip from Delhi to Varanasi on the NH19 via Agra and Lucknow is 847 km or 526 miles. The length of the railway, passing through Kanpur and Allahabad, is about 800 km or 497 miles. Thus, the journey from the capital to the religious center of pilgrimage on earth will last at least half a day.

How to get from New Delhi to Varanasi by train

Most often in Varanasi from New Delhi go by train, the fare which depends on the class of the carriage (1, 2, 3 or general). Indian Railways vehicles leave from the capital’s main station, NDLS, and arrive at Varanasi Junction (BSB Varanasi Jn) Varanasi Railway Station 11 hours 30 minutes – 17 hours from the moment of departure.

Some trains hit the road in the morning to arrive in Varanasi the next morning. Some trains leave New Delhi in the afternoon and arrive in the religious capital of India after 8:00 a.m. The schedule is designed so, that travelers have time to sleep in sleeping cars and full of forces immediately rushed to inspect the temples and other attractions of the city.

Into the carriage of the first class 1A – AC 1-Tier Sleeper of train, which goes from New Delhi to Varanasi

Most of the time, tourists will spend on the road, having left for Varanasi on the first day train. At 11:35 a train departs from the NDLS station, and the journey takes 17 hours. Arrival time in Varanasi is 4:35. The fare in the SL – Sleeper Class car costs 12.99 USD or 861 Indian rupees (INR), in the 3A car – AC 3-Tier Sleeper – 23.11 dollars or 1579 rupees, in the 2A car – AC 2-Tier Sleeper – 30. 21 USD or 2084 INR, in the first class 1A – AC 1-Tier Sleeper – 46.34 dollars or 3229 Indian rupees.

At 13:10 the next train to Varanasi departs from New Delhi Station. Travel time is 13 hours and 15 minutes. This vehicle is not very suitable for foreign travelers, because it arrives at 2:25. But if you really want to get to the religious capital of the country, and you do not have the opportunity to buy a ticket for another train, then you will have to go on this transport.

The cheapest ticket (in SL – Sleeper Class) will cost you 13.37 USD or 887 rupees, and the most expensive is 46.78 USD or 3260 INR. If you want to spend less time on the road, you should pay attention to the train, departing from New Delhi to Varanasi at 17:35. Travel time by rail is 11 hours 30 minutes. The vehicle arrives at BSB Varanasi Jn station at 5:05.

The cheapest way from New Delhi to Varanasi -the Sleeper Class of train

For those tourists, who are accustomed to sleep only at night, the trains going to Varanasi at 18:35 and 20:40, will be the best choice. They are on the road from 12 to 14 hours, but they arrive at the end station at the same time – 8:25. Sleep travelers have time in the morning to explore several attractions, and then settled in the hotel. The cost of tickets for evening trains is almost the same as day trains, ranging from $ 14 to $ 48 (944-3300 rupees).

How to get from Delhi to Varanasi by plane

Airplanes are an excellent alternative to the train, because they allow you to save a lot of time. The journey from the capital’s Indira Gandhi Airport (DEL) to Varanasi Airport (VNS) takes only 1 h 20 minutes – 1 h 35 minutes, not counting the time, spent on customs and passport control. Air communication between the two cities is carried out by several airlines: Jet Airways, Air Vistara, IndiGo, Air India, SpiceJet.

When buying a ticket, pay attention to whether baggage is included in its price. As a rule, the price includes at least 15 kg of luggage (Air India has 25 kg). But on some flights, only hand luggage is included in the ticket price. Also, ticket prices vary depending on the date and time of departure (see the cost of the flight for the trip, you are interested in advance). Despite the fast way of delivery from one point to another, companies do not break up ticket prices at exorbitant prices. The most expensive trip by plane from Delhi to Varanasi will cost 2 times more expensive, than travel in a class 1 car.

The fasterest way from New Delhi to Varanasi – is plane

The most affordable option for air travel will be the Air Vistara airline. It leaves Delhi Airport at 7:00 and arrives at VNS at 8:20. Another flight at 13:25. Arrival in Varanasi at 14:45. Tickets for the first flight cost from $ 45 (3192 INR), for the second – 58.7 USD or 4168 rupees. IndiGo company operates flights from Delhi to Varanasi at 8:15, 16:30, 18:10. Travel time is 1:25. Ticket prices start at $ 62.5 (4433 INR).

For the SpiceJet flight, starting at 7:10 pm and ending at 8:45 p.m., you can find tickets for $ 50 or 3548 rupees. At 11:00 and 14:45 you can go from Delhi to Varanasi by Jet Airways. Travel time is 1:30. Flight cost from 66 USD or 4700 INR. Air India transports its aircraft from the Varanasi airport in the capital at 10:15 and 17:15. Ticket price is 92.40 USD or 6561 INR.

We hope, that after reading this article, you will be able to choose a convenient way to move from New Delhi to Varanasi. Enjoy your trip.

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