How to get from Delhi to Jaipur

Jaipur, the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan, is a city with beautiful architecture of palaces, towers and fortresses, built of pink stone. Many tourists from different countries of the world strive to look at the Pink City – also called Jaipur – because the capital of Rajasthan is located near the capital of India. If you do not know, how to get from Delhi to Jaipur, study the content of the article. It will tell you about several ways to travel to the Pink City. In it you will find ticket prices and information on the time of departure of transport from the stations and airports of New Delhi.

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Distance between Delhi and Jaipur

If you decide to go to India and explore its attractions, you should not forget, that this is the seventh largest country in the world in size. From north to south it stretches for 3214 km and from west to east for 2933 km. For 2-4 weeks, which are usually given to a person for a vacation, it is impossible to visit the most beautiful places in India. But even in such a short time span as 7 days, you can see the Taj Mahal in Agra, Amritsar, Udaipur and, of course, Jaipur. To do this, you need to fly to the capital of India, New Delhi, and make forays from it to different cities, because they are located relatively close to it and from each other. As for the direct distance between New Delhi and Jaipur, it is 235 km or 145.7 miles There are roads and railways between the cities. The distance between two points in India, if you go on the NH 48, is 281.2 km or 174 miles, on the NH 21 – 326.9 km or 203 miles. The rail route will be 309 km long or 192 miles.

How to get from Delhi to Jaipur

From the capital of India to the city of Jaipur can be reached in the train cars of different types: 1, 2, 3 classes and sleeping classes, owned by the Indian Railwais IRCTC. They hit the road from several railway stations in New Delhi. Since India is a densely populated country and a large number of people travel on trains (both locals and tourists), those, who want to see the sights of Jaipur, should take care of booking their tickets in advance.

If you want to buy a ticket a few days or even weeks before the intended trip, it may happen, that the seats will remain only in third-class cars (where there is less comfort) or tickets will be offered at an inconvenient time for the traveler. We recommend booking a ticket 2-4 weeks before your trip, or check the search form more often in case of travel tickets, that suit you for the price, type of carriage and train departure time from New Delhi to Jaipur.

From the main station, called New Delhi (NDLS), you can go to the “pink city” at 6:05. The vehicle is in transit for 4 hours and 35 minutes and arrives at JP Jaipur train station at 10:40. The next train goes at 6:37 for 4 hours and 3 minutes. It also arrives in Jaipur at 10:40. The ride in the car with seats (soft chairs) CC – AC Chair Class will cost 17.10 USD or 1152 Indian rupees (INR). In the evening you can leave for Jaipur in the sleeping car of the train. Departure time from NDLS: 19:55. Arrival time at JP Jaipur station: 00:20. The fare in a sleeping car (with shelves) 3A – AC 3-Tier Sleeper will cost 20.62 USD or 1402 INR, in the car 2A – AC 2-Tier Sleeper – 26.33 USD or 1808 rupees. The fare in the first class car 1A – AC 1-Tier Sleeper costs 32.19 dollars or 2224 rupees.

Into the carriage of 1А – АС 1-Tier Sleeper from New Delhi to Jaipur

From the Sarai Rohilla Train Station (DEE, Delhi Sarai Rohilla) the railway transport starts more often from 4:58 AM. The time spent on the first train is 6:10. Arrival in Jaipur at 11:08. The following trains leave from the DEE station at 8:20 and 9:20 (travel time is 4:50). Then at 12:05, 13:12, 17:52. These flights have different durations of movement (from 5:18 to 5:43). Specify the time spent in transit, using the search form.

Regardless of the departure time and the number of hours, spent on the road, the fare in all cars of a certain class will be the same. So a seat in the SL – Sleeper Class car costs 10.15 USD or 658 rupees, travel in the 3A car – AC 3-Tier Sleeper – 15.20 dollars or 1017 rupees, in car 2A – AC 2-Tier Sleeper – 18.57 USD or 1257 INR, in the first class 1A – AC 1-Tier Sleeper – 26.19 dollars or 1798 Indian rupees.

On Indian Railwais IRCTC trains, following each other at intervals of 1-2.5 hours (depending on the time of day, for example, in the morning more often), you can go to Jaipur from the New Delhi Delhi Cantt railway station. The first train leaves the platform at 4:55, then at 5:15, 6:37, 8:37, and so on. The duration of the first two morning trains en route is 5 hours and 8 minutes and 5 hours and 53 minutes. Other vehicles follow in Jaipur from 3:53 to 5:30. Ticket price depends on the type of car. The cheapest ticket costs 10 USD or 648 INR, the most expensive is 27, 36 dollars or 1881 rupees (you can find out the exact fare by using the search form).

How to get from New Delhi to Jaipur by bus.

If you don’t like to travel by rail or want to take a bus from Delhi to Jaipur, 3 transport companies will provide you with this opportunity. The first company, Gujarat Travels, sends its buses, equipped with comfortable seats for sleeping, to the trip at 17:00. After 6 hours and 25 minutes, at 21:55 they arrive at the Jaipur Main Bus Station. Traveling in AC Sleeper bus will cost tourists 8.50 USD or 603 INR.

АC Sleeper bus of Gudjarat Travels from New Delhi to Jaipur

From 5.30 pm to 10 pm your journey from the Indian capital to the pink city on the transport company Shrinath Transport Agency will last. From Delhi bus station, located near the Durga Temple, you will go to the final point of the route at Jaipur Main Bus Station, paying for a ticket of 10.91 USD or 775 INR. Rishabh Travels AC Sleeper buses will take everyone to the state capital at 7:00 pm and at 10:30 pm. Time spent on the road: 5:45. The end point of the route is Jaipur Main Bus Station. The fare is 17.06 USD or 1212 rupees.

How to get from Delhi to Jaipur by taxi

For lovers of comfortable road travel, this type of transport is best suited as a taxi. TravelODesk India cars will pick you up anywhere in New Delhi and take you to the center of Jaipur in 5 hours. The fare in a taxi depends on the type of car. For example, an economical Van Family car with a capacity of up to 6 passengers will cost a large company 76.70 USD or 5449 rupees, which in terms of 1 passenger is only about 13 dollars, i.e. cheaper, than some trains and buses. Thus, with the comfort in the company of your friends, you will cheaply get to the point you need in the pink city. If you have less than 6 people, the trip will cost a little more (for 4 people about $ 19).

Тaxy Travel ODesk India From New Delhi to Jaipur

For those, who like increased comfort, it is better to order a Comfort car at TravelODesk India. In it as much as possible 3 people can go (for example, a family with a child or friends). Traveling from New Delhi to Jaipur will cost 65.25 USD or 4636 INR (21 USD or 1545 INR for each or 32.5 USD or 2318 INR for two). Next to relatives and friends in a convenient car you will not pay attention to the cost of the trip, because the main advantage here is comfort.

How to get from New Delhi to Jaipur by plane

There is an air connection between the two cities. In New Delhi, airplanes fly from Indira Gandhi Airport and land at Jaipur Sanganer Airport, located 16 km from the city. From one point to another can be reached by transport of 4 companies in 45 minutes-1 hour and 15 minutes. Ticket price depends on the carrier company. The cheapest will be the flight by IndiGo: 41.14 USD or 2923 INR. The price includes 15 kg of luggage. Departure time: 7:45, 9:15, 21:10. Travel time: 1:15 (the last flight is 1:05). A few dollars more will cost Jet Airways flight: 43.63 dollars or 3100 INR. The price includes only hand luggage. Jet Airways take off from Indira Gandhi Airport at 5:30, 9:40, 20:00. Travel time: from 55 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Jet Airways plane from  Delhi to Jaipur

Air India carrier can reach Jaipur twice a day: at 12:00 and 18:45 for 55-60 minutes. If you are lucky, you can buy a ticket for just $ 38.65 or $ 2,745, but more often the flight will cost $ 77.27 USD or 5489 INR. The ticket price includes 25 kg of baggage. Spice Jet carrier tickets cost from 89 dollars or 6372 Indian rupees. The price includes 15 kg of luggage. Planes depart from Indira Gandhi Airport at 6:10 and land at 6:55 at Jaipur Airport.

We hope, that this article will help you choose the most convenient and affordable form of transport for traveling from New Delhi to Jaipur. We wish you a pleasant flight or relocation.


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