How to get from Kandy to Ella (Sri Lanka)

If you visited Buddhist monasteries and temples of Kandy and want to take a break from the architectural sights of Sri Lanka, go to Ella. This small town is located among the emerald mountains, the most popular of which is the small Adam Peak. In the vicinity of Ella there are many tea plantations, there is a beautiful waterfall, a cave. Here you can spend more, than one day, walking through the picturesque jungle and climbing the beautiful mountain peaks. If you are interested in the question: how to get from Kandi to Ella, study the content of this small article. In it you will find several ways to travel from the main religious city of Sri Lanka to one of the most picturesque regions of the country, find out the cost of tickets and the time, you need to spend on a trip.

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Distance between Kandy and Ella

Kandy city is located in the center of the Sri Lanka island. Ella is located on the central highlands closer to the south-east of the country in the province of Uva. The direct distance between cities is 65 km or 40.7 miles, but due to the mountainous terrain and the network of roads and railways, it is more, than doubled. So, by taxi or passenger car you will need to go 138 km or 85.7 miles. The journey from Kandy to Ella by rail will be the longest: 157 km or 97.5 miles. But this trip will not be boring, but very exciting, because the train passes through the magnificent countryside. You will admire the Lankan nature (the beautiful mountains and plants) from the carriage window, and the time on the road will fly by.

Travel from Kandy to Ella by Lanka Railways train

How to get from Kandy to Ella by train

Sri Lanka Railways trains leave for Ella from Kandy Railway Station. Tourists are advised to buy tickets for cariages of 1 and 2 class, which are more comfortable and less crowded. From Kandy to Ella, you can leave twice a day: at 8:47 and 11:10. The first train is en route 6:27 and arrives in the green town at 15.14. The second train goes 6:01. Traveling on it, you will be in Ella at 17:11. The fare in the 1st class car is 19.96 USD or 3549 Lankan Rupees (LKR). The second class is a bit cheaper: 14.23 USD or 2529 LKR.

Train of class 2 from Kandy to Ella (Sri Lanka)

How to get from Kandy to Ella by taxi

If you could not to book a train ticket or like to travel by car, we suggest you to go from Kandy to Ella by taxi. This method will cost you more, than others, but if you have money, you can get to the desired city quickly and comfortably. You will not need to get to the station, spending on this precious vacation time, because the taxi driver will drive to your hotel or to the place, that you specify, when ordering.

There are several taxi companies in Sri Lanka. They differ in the cost of the trip. A more budget option is provided for people, who can not always afford to travel by taxi. If you really want to get from Kandy to Ella, but you do not have a train ticket, you can reserve a seat in the Comfort car of Stef Lanka Tours. In 3 hours and 45 minutes you will reach the picturesque town in the province of Uva, spending $ 103 or 18,313 rupees on the trip. If there are three of you (this is the maximum number of passengers), then a taxi ride will cost you $ 34.3 (6104 LKR), which will cost only 1.5-2 times more, than a train ticket.

International car-transfer Kiwitaxi is another assistant for budget travelers, who dream of getting from Kandi to Ella. The service provides cars of different classes, depending on the number of people and their solvency. For example, the Micro option (2 passengers or 2 adults, 1 child) is intended for lovers and couples, friends / girlfriends or travelers with a child. It includes 2 pieces of baggage. A trip in such a car will cost 115 USD (20435 LKR). Economy option for 3-4 people with 3 pieces of luggage will cost $ 119 or 21146 LKR.

Comfortable car of KiwiTaxi from Kandy to Ella (Sri Lanka)

If you are traveling in a large company (4-7 people), then the best option for you would be a Minibus with seven baggage places, included in the price. On the way you will spend 4 hours, and all this time you can discuss your journey, share your impressions of what you see, learn interesting facts about Sri Lanka from the driver. Travel in a minibus will cost 132 USD or 23456 LKR, and in terms of 1 passenger by the maximum load of the car will be such, as traveling by train. For 4-6 passengers the Kiwitaxi option will also be very pleasant. Their wallet “lose weight” by only 22-33 dollars.

At the disposal of rich tourists cars of representative company Avro Travels and Tours. Comfortable taxi goes from your hotel and is on the road for 4 hours. The cost of a trip in a taxi for 1-3 passengers is $ 213 (37,849 LKR). When traveling 3 people, each will pay $ 71 (12,616 LKR).

We hope, that our article will help you decide on the most appropriate mode of transport for you from the religious capital of Sri Lanka, the city of Kandy, to Ella – a town with beautiful nature, in which many tourists fall in love at first sight. We wish you a successful and enjoyable trip.

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