How to get to Krabi from Bangkok (from 19 USD)

It is no coincidence that Krabi is called the most beautiful province in Thailand. Picturesque sheer cliffs in the water and on the beaches, clean warm sea and white sand islands attract tourists from all over the world to Krabi. Krabi has its own international airport, but still, most foreigners fly to the capital of Thailand and then have to choose the most suitable way to get to Krabi from Bangkok. On this page you will find information about the most popular and simple ways that will allow you to easily get from various areas of Bangkok to the city of Krabi and the main resorts of this province. You can also easily find the current timetable  and cost of buses and planes from Bangkok to Krabi and vice versa.

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Distance between Bangkok and Krabi

The direct distance between the capital of Thailand and the city of Krabi – the center of the province of the same name in the southern part of the country – is about 650 km (a little over 400 miles). But since even airplanes never fly strictly in a straight line, the distance between cities will always be greater for you when using any type of transport. For example, the distance between the center of Bangkok and the center of Krabi Town is about 800 km by road, some of which are paid for tourists and local residents. On the map below you can see that Krabi is located in the southern part of the country, and this province is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea, while the city of Bangkok is located near the northern part of the Gulf of Thailand.

Distance between Krabi and Bangkok by roads on the map

Distance between Krabi and Bangkok by roads

Flights to Krabi from Bangkok – fast and cheap

Direct flights to Krabi from Bangkok are the fastest and most comfortable option to get from the capital of Thailand to this picturesque province. When you use a plane, you greatly save your time, because the duration of a flight from Bangkok to Krabi International Airport is only 80 minutes (or 1 hour 20 minutes). It doesn’t matter from which Bangkok airport you fly from – Don Mueang or Suvarnabhumi. Currently, flights from Bangkok to Krabi are made by 6-8 airlines. In order not to waste time checking each of them, you can use Jetradar and check everything at once.

Also, you can always use this transport search service in Asia, which shows not only airplanes, but also other types of transport (ferries, buses and trains). The cost of a flight from Bangkok to Krabi is usually around 25-35 USD or 750-1100 THB). Depending on the time of day, airlines, airport in Bangkok and the number of days before the flight, prices may change, so I advise you to buy tickets in advance to guarantee the best price and convenient flight time. During my previous vacation in Krabi, I used Thai Lion Air for the flight and I can mention very new planes, a convenient schedule and the fact that the cost of the flight included carrying a suitcase up to 10 kg. For example, when using AirAsia you have to pay extra for baggage.

Flights from Bangkok to Krabi - many airlines, similar prices

Flights from Bangkok to Krabi – many airlines, similar prices

Thus, a flight to Krabi from Bangkok is not only fast, but also inexpensive for such a distance. To get to the resorts of Krabi province, you can use a special transfer from the airport or use the local bus to get to the resorts of Ao Nang or Nopparat Thara in the daytime.

Buses from Bangkok to Krabi – timetables and prices

If for some reason you do not want to fly to Krabi from Bangkok and prefer land transportation, you can always use the numerous buses from the capital of Thailand. I note right away that you can’t save a lot, because the cost of a Bangkok-Krabi bus is not much lower than the ticket price. And if you use a VIP bus, then its price may be even higher than the price of the cheapest flight on your dates. However, in some cases, the use of the bus actually has advantages.

During my first trip to Krabi, I used the bus and this allowed me to save on the hotel. Of course, I chose night buses for this purpose, but when using the transport search service in Asia, you can see that there are most such buses (not only from Bangkok to Krabi, but also from Krabi to Bangkok). If we talk about time on the road, then the journey by bus takes 12.5 hours or more. And some buses are on the way and at all 16-19 hours, which is very tiring for passengers. True, you can see that some options include not only a bus to the city of Krabi, but also a ferry to the Railay Peninsula. In this case, the price and travel time are more justified.

Buses from Bangkok to Krabi - see not only the price, but also the travel time

Buses from Bangkok to Krabi – see not only the price, but also the travel time

The second advantage of buses is the ability to leave from several points in the city (Southern bus station, the area of ​​the famous Khao San street, the Hua Laphong Railway Station area and Veronica Recidence). Also, a bus can be a budget option in cases where you have a lot of heavy luggage, and the airline does not allow you to carry it on the plane for free. I used the Lignite Tour company VIP-24 bus for the trip from Krabi to Bangkok and I still had very good impressions of the trip. I still remember the soft leather seats, individual multimedia for each passenger, warm blankets and snacks and drinks included in the price of the trip.

From Bangkok to Krabi by train and car

It is currently not possible to get from Bangkok to Krabi by train due to the lack of a railway. But you can make the journey with transplants in nearby cities with train stations. You can also use the search for transport in Asia for this, but look for the routes Bangkok – Surat Thani or Bangkok-Trang. And already further you can get by bus or minibus to Krabi. The option is not the easiest and most convenient and is suitable only for true connoisseurs of railway transport. Considering that Thai trains are not very punctual, I advise you not to pre-buy bus tickets from Surat Thani to Krabi or from Trang to Krabi.

The highway from Bangkok to Krabi

The highway from Bangkok to Krabi can be very picturesque

With road transport, the situation is more interesting. Of course, you can use a regular taxi from Bangkok to Krabi. But this option is very expensive even if you divide the cost into several passengers. But car rental in Bangkok and an independent trip to Krabi is an interesting option. Especially when you like long trips by car and want to visit many interesting places in the province of Krabi. You can rent a car at the best price using Rentalcars service. You can use this service to rent a car not only in Bangkok, but also in Krabi.

Roads in Thailand are of very good quality, and in the southern part of the country they are very picturesque due to the large number of palm plantations and high cliffs. The main part of the route runs along highway number 4, but in any case, use the usual navigator on your smartphone and the trip will not be difficult. I hope the information on this page was useful for you and now you can easily find all transport options from Bangkok to Krabi and back, see the schedule of buses and planes in Krabi from Bangkok and buy a ticket at the best price at a convenient time for you. Have a good rest in Krabi and have a safe trip!

How to get from Bangkok to Krabi – video manual

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