How to get from Penang to Langkawi (Malaysia)

The most popular islands in western Malaysia are Penang and Langkawi. Many travelers try to visit both islands in one trip, and to do it easily, because they are located not far from each other. Since Penang and Langkawi are not on the mainland, you can move between them, using only air or water transport. In this article you will find information on how to get from Penang to Langkawi in several ways (by plane or ferry), on the schedule of transport and its cost.

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Distance between Penang and Langkawi

Both islands are in the Strait of Malacca. The direct distance between them is 100 km or 62 miles. If you choose the ferry as a means of moving between the islands, the distance between the starting point in Georgetown and the final one in the city of Kuah (island capitals) will be greater. It will be 116 km (72 miles). If you want to get to Langkawi by plane, the distance will increase to 130 km or 80 miles, because Penang Airport is 16 km (9.9 miles) from Georgetown, and Langkawi Airport is 20 km (12.4 miles) from the city of Kuah.

From Penang to Langkawi (distance)

Penang to Langkawi flight

The fastest way to get to Langkawi from Penang Island is by plane, which lasts just 35-40 minutes. Air traffic between the islands of the islands is carried out once a day by the Malaysian airline Firefly. The cost of the flight, which includes baggage (15 kg), is 30 dollars. Other Asian airlines can also fly from Penang to Langkawi, tickets for flights of interest to you are even cheaper. You can find budget flight options, using the Jetradar. But you should keep in mind, that in some cases only hand luggage is included in the cost of the flight. If you are traveling with a heavy suitcase, you will have to pay another $ 20 or more for your luggage.

Arriving at Langkawi Airport, you will want to go to the capital of the island, Kuah, or to the beach areas of Cenang and Tanjung Ru. You can get to your destination by ordering a taxi transfer in advance, because bus service to Langkawi is missing.

How to get from Penang to Langkawi by flight – Firefly

Ferry from Penang to Langkawi

You can get from Penang to Langkawi island by ferry. There are 2 ferry terminals in Georgetown. The first one is Jetty or Weld Quay, located near the bus station. Many travelers get acquainted with this pier, if they arrive in Penang from the mainland. From here and to here every 15 minutes ferries goes in the direction of Penang-Butterworth, Butterworth-Penang. To travel to Langkawi Island, you’ll need another Swettenham ferry terminal. It is located on the same Pengkalan Weld street as the Jetty. To find it, you should turn right from Weld Quay and walk along the street for 5 minutes. The road will turn left just before Swettenham pier.

Ferry from Penang to Langkawi (inside)

From this pier, which is international, because its vessels go not only between the Malaysian islands, you can swim to the Indonesian islands of Ake and Langsa. From Swettenham Pier in Georgetown to Langkawi, that interests you, ferry passenger boats of the Super Fast ferry ventures (SFF) company depart twice a day: in the morning and after lunch. Travel time ranges from 2 h. 20 minutes to 2 h. 45 min. A ticket costs 80 ringgit or $ 20. All passengers are supplied with life jackets. The seats in the cabin are comfortable, soft. On the way films with English subtitles are shown. In the second part of the voyage you can enjoy the view of the islands of the archipelago of Langkawi.

I hope, this information will help you choose a more convenient and the best way from Penang to Langkawi. Have a good trip!

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