How to get from New Delhi to Agra

If you arrived in the capital of India and want to see the main sights located not far from it, you will want to know, how to get from New Delhi to Agra. In this northern city is the most recognizable architectural masterpiece of the country – the magnificent mausoleum of the Taj Mahal. To see it and the amazing fortress Red Fort, study the article. It describes several modes of transport, that you can get from New Delhi to Agra. The text has information about the place and time of departure of vehicles, indicates the fare.

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Distance between New Delhi and Agra

The direct distance between the two cities is 175 km or 109 miles. Traveling on the roads of India, you will pass from one point to another from 200 to 215 km (from 124 to 132 miles) (depending on, which route you choose).

How to get from New Delhi to Agra by train

The Indian capital has 4 railway stations. Trains to Agra depart from two of them. The fare depends on the type of car. It is cheaper to get to Agra in the Sleeper Class carriage, where there are no seats in the form of chairs, but there are soft shelves along the walls, where you can sit during the daytime. The passengers sleep on them at night.

The sleeper carriage from New Delhi to Agra (3 class carriage)

Trains of the Indian Railwais IRCTC company depart from the southeast railway station Hazrat Nizamuddin. They leave from New Delhi at 8:35, arrive in Agra at 11:10. They go a little more than 2.5 hours. The train, which departs from Hazrat Nizamuddin Station at 9:15, is on the way 2:55. At the Agra station Agra Cantt it arrives at 12.10. A ticket to travel in the wagons of these trains costs 9.62 dollars, or 624 Indian rupees (INR). Air-conditioned carriages CC or AC Chair Class with soft seats (2-3 in a row), sometimes with folding tables, depart from New Delhi to Agra from 6 a.m. The first train (6:00) takes 2 hours. The fare in it is 14.65 USD or 983 INR.

The seeting carriage of AC Chair Class in the train from New Delhi to Agra

After midnight at 00:05 from Hazrat Nizamuddin station you can go to Agra in a sleeping carriage. It has 4-6 comfortable beds (2-3 shelves on each side of the reserved seat). The train takes 2 h 50 min and arrives at Agra station at 2:55 at night. Traveling in an AC 3-Tier Sleeper (6-seat in reserved seat) will cost you $ 15 or 1009 rupees. Place in the carriage of the 2nd class (AC 2-Tier Sleeper) will cost $ 18 or 1222 INR. Comfortable travel in a quadruple quad first class (AC First Class Sleeper) will cost $ 25 or 1,743 rupees.

The sleeping carriage AC 3-Tier Sleeper of the train from New Delhi to Agra

Trains from the central station of the capital New Delhi station go to Agra from 5 hours and 15 minutes. The last train leaves from this station at 23:35. The time the vehicle is in transit from 2 hours to 3 hours and 15 minutes. The fare is the same as by departure from Hazrat Nizamuddin station.

How to get from New Delhi to Agra by bus

If you are lucky, you can get from New Delhi to Agra by bus from Raj Kalpana Travels. Tickets for it are not always available. The bus leaves from the capital of India at 10.00 and arrives in Agra after 3 hours. The ticket costs about 9 dollars or 600 rupees. On our site you can find bus tickets to Agra, so more often go here and catch the available offers.

Bus from New Delhi ti Agra (Raj Kalpana Travels company)

How to get from New Delhi to Agra by taxi

Lovers of comfortable travel can get from New Delhi to Agra by taxi company TravelODesk India. In its fleet are cars of several types. For example, those, who love freedom, can order a Comfort car. The maximum number of passengers is 3 people. Travel in such a car will cost 73.5 dollars or 5254 rupees. Travel time is 4.5 hours. The minivan, designed for 6 passengers, suitable for families and companies of travellers. The road will cost 90 dollars or 15 USD for 1 person (6421 INR or 1070 rupees for 1 passenger). A taxi driver will pick you up from anywhere in New Delhi and drive you to the desired point in Agra.

TravelODesk Comfort taxi from Deli to Agra

We hope, that after reading the article you will be able to choose the best vehicle for your trip from New Delhi to Agra. We wish you a pleasant trip.
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