How to get from Colombo to Kandy

How to get from Colombo to Kandy – this question interests many people who, being in the largest city of Sri Lanka, want to visit the religious capital of the country. In Kandy there are several ancient Buddhist temples, not only the residents of Sri Lanka and Buddhist followers dream of looking at them, but also architecture lovers, as well as ordinary tourists.If you do not want to spend your time reading, you can simply use the search form below. Just enter your desired date and click “Find Tickets”. In the results you can see the schedule of transport and its cost, read reviews about transport companies and see the place of landing and disembarking on the map. Also there you have the opportunity to choose 1 of 10 supported languages, as well as currency – local or any of the 25 others.

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The small distance between the cities makes traveling to Kandy not only possible, but also obligatory, because in Kandy and its surroundings, in addition to the temples, there is a chic botanical garden with exotic plants. In this article you will find information about several modes of transport from Colombo to Kandy, and will be able to choose the method of movement, that suits you at the cost and time of departure (this data is also available in the article).


Distance between the cities of Colombo and Kandy

The direct distance between the two Sri Lankan cities is 96 km or 59.6 miles. If you are traveling from Colombo to Kandy by car or bus, the distance between them will increase to 116 km or 72 miles. On the train you will need to overcome about the same kilometers / miles, but spend less time on the road, because the speed of trains in Sri Lanka, though small, but the car can get stuck in traffic, which will increase the travel time from one city to another.

How to get from Colombo to Kandy by train

From Colombo to Kandy, many people travel by train. This type of transport in Sri Lanka is often preferred by local residents. Carriages on trains vary in class. There is 1,2,3 class. In the third-class cars are usually noisy and crowded, part of the path has to stand. Foreigners are advised to book tickets for class 1-2 wagons.
All Colombo trains leave from Colombo Fort train station. In the first half of the day you can go to Kandy by transport of Sri Lanka Railways 4 times a day: at 5:55, at 7.00, At 8:30 and at 10:35. After lunch, the trains make a trip from Colombo to the religious capital of the island 5-6 times a day. The last train leaves on this route at 17:45.

The train from Colombo to Kandy

The time spent by rail in transit is from 2 hours and 31 minutes. up to 3 h. 17 min. The fare in the 1st class carriage costs 19.96 dollars or 3,627 Lankan rupees (LKR), in the class 2 carriage – $ 16.52 or 3000 LKR. The train goes along picturesque green fields, tea plantations, passes through tunnels in the mountains, so on the way you can admire the chic nature of the island. On the way Indian films can also be shown on the monitor.

How to get from Colombo to Kandy on the VIP Train VICEROY II

VIP train VICEROY II designed for lovers of comfortable travel. This old well-restored vehicle is a wagon with 24 soft folding seats and tables in front of them. The interior of the car is decorated with wooden panels with carved decorations. In the evening here include a pleasant soft light.

The VICEROY II car can be connected to the VICEROY SPECIAL train or to the general use car on the Colombo-Kandy route. It offers passengers air conditioning, audio system, Wi-Fi. In the car there is a toilet, a bar with refreshing drinks and cocktails, a kitchen where you can prepare delicious dishes.

VIP-train VICEROY II from Colombo to Kandy

VICEROY SPECIAL departs from Colombo Fort railway station 1 time per day: at 09:45. Travel time 2:46. The train arrives in the suburb of Kandy, Peradeniya, at 12:31. A ticket to travel in a VIP-car costs 28 dollars or 5,294 Sri Lankar (LKR). It is advisable to book it in advance, because places in the wagon a bit.

How to get from Colombo to Kandy by taxi

A comfortable way to move from Colombo to Kandy is a taxi. The advantage of this type of transport is, that the car will drive straight to your hotel and take the client to the hotel or a natural / architectural landmark. The downside of a taxi is the presence of traffic jams, which increases the travel time by 1 hour and the high fare. The latter circumstance will not worry you, if you are not accustomed to counting every penny, even if you are traveling in a big company.

So, the firm Stef Lanka Tours has cars with a capacity of 2, 4 and 8 people. A trip in a double taxi will cost passengers $ 112 or 20383 LKR. And when they traveling in a minivan of four people, they will be able to share the same cost at all. It will turn out more pleasant for them: $ 28 or 5294 LKR (as well as the price for a place in a VIP train).

Taxi-minibus from Colombo to Kandy

A car for 8 people costs $ 154.5 (28073 LKR) or 19.25 (3509 LKR) per person – this is cheaper, than traveling in a 1st class train wagon. If six people travel, the road will cost each passenger $ 25 (less than 5000 rupees). Travel time will depend on the number of passing cars and will be from 3.5 to 5 hours. Using KiwiTaxi car transfer, you can save a little. A car with 1-4 passengers will cost $ 99, and a minivan with a capacity of up to 7 people will cost 113 USD.

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